Ladywood Budget proposals – a response from the Library campaign

27th February 2014 Ms Lesley Poulton District Service Integration Head Ladywood District Office 
Summerfield Community Centre
 Winson Green Road
 Winson Green 
 B18 4EJ Dear Ms Poulton, Response to the consultation on the proposed Ladywood District Budget for 2014-15 The proposals relating to the Community library service contained in Ladywood Budget proposals for 2014-15 and…

‘What consultation?’ angry residents tell Councillor

Angry Ladywood residents challenged Cllr Chaman Lal (Soho) over what consultation has taken place over the proposed closure of Spring Hill library at last nights public meeting. People told the Councillor they had not been consulted on this drastic move. Over Thirty five people gathered at ‘Keep Spring Hill Library open’ public meeting which was…

The duty to consult but not to listen?

What the public of Birmingham told the Council about Public Libraries Each council has a statutory duty to consult with the public in making and setting its budget. In Birmingham there was a consultation period stretching from December to mid January involving a range of public consultation events and an invitation to individuals made their…