30% cut to be made from local library services over five years


Spending on Community Library services in Birmingham will be cut by over 30% over a 5 year period if proposed cuts for 2014-15 are agreed by the City Council when it meets on 4th March 2014. This works out as a cut of £2.42 per person on libraries in the city since 2010.

Campaigns have been launched in the last week to oppose the proposed closure of local libraries in Spring Hill and West Heath.

The ‘Friends of Spring Hill library’ has been formed by local library users and will meet again on Thursday 6th February to plan its campaign to oppose the proposed closure in the Labour controlled District.

A spokesperson for the Friends of the Libraries of Birmingham, an umbrella group of different library campaigns, stated:

We need to be reminded that these cuts to our libraries have been going on for a long time and of the overall scale of these cuts. Public libraries have been ‘hollowed out’ of books and librarians over the last five years.

Under the Council’s Labour Group it is now proposed that Libraries in Birmingham will now close.

Community Libraries are really valued by local people and it is heartening that library users have launched campaigns to stop the libraries threatened with closure.

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