Petitioning outside Spring Hill Library on Saturday afternoon.


Friends of Spring Hill Library –join us

The council want to close this library and sell the building !
Local people want to keep the library open

ACTION-what can we do ?
USE IT OR LOSE IT ! Visit the library ,take out up to 10 books out at each visit ,come to the classes and groups .
Get friends ,family ,neighbours ,work colleagues to join the library .

Join the Facebook groups –Friends of Spring Hill Library Friends of the Library of Birmingham.

Come to meetings –planning meetings and larger public meetings coming soon –look on facebook ,send your email or watch for posters in Tesco entrances. Next meeting is on Thursday 20 th Feb 5.30-6.30 at Spring Hill Library

Contact your MP and councillors –in person ,by phone,email ,at their surgeries to tell them we want this library to stay open-go with a friend or as a family

Sign the petitions –there are 2 – one is for Spring Hill specifically and one is for the Birmingham area- we will be standing at by Spring Hill Library and the entrance to Tesco on Saturday afternoons at 2.30pm and hopefully at other times soon!

Download the petitions here:

Spring Hill Library Petition


If you can help let us know .Please put any ideas /suggestions on Facebook or email or
If we each do a little (or more ) we will achieve a lot !



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