West Heath needs a library!


Closed permanently? Closed permanently?

A well-attended consultation meeting took place in Hamstead House yesterday, regarding the future of the West Heath library. The presentation was given by Richard Davis, the head of the Northfield District, and the three Northfield Councillors were also present; Randal Brew (Tory – up for election in May, Brett O’Reilly (Lab – acting chair of Northfield District) and Reg Corns (Tory).
 The meeting was described as “unruly” by one of the Councillors at the end of the meeting, and this was no surprise. The whole meeting was united in demanding a proper library service for West Heath, and were appalled that it is being withdrawn.
 Richard Davis outlined that £940,000 of the Northfield budget (40%) was being withdrawn over two years and the effect on local libraries would be that opening hours would be reduced in three of them (Weoley, Frankley and ?), the book fund would be…

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