‘Spring Hill Library will remain open!’


A petition of over 2,500 signatures was presented by library campaigners to Ladywood Councillors to demand that Spring Hill Library remain open.

In a matter of six week the Friends of Spring Hill Library have held two well attended public meetings and organised weekly petitioning sessions after first learning that Spring Hill Library was under threat of closure.

The massive petition was presented at the recent Ladywood Ward Committee which saw ward Councillor’s publicly reversing their position on the District cuts proposal to close the library.

At the Ladywood District Committee, Councillor Carl Rice said he would move heaven and earth to keep the library open. Stating that during the consultation period Councillors were unable to disclose their true views.

‘The community has been heard’ declared Councillor Mosquito, the Ladywood District Chair, who had previously stated that Spring Hill Library was surplus to requirements at the February Council meeting.

A working party, including community representatives, has been set up to look at the long term future of Spring Hill library and will report back to the District Committee in the Autumn.

The District Budget for 2014-15 has yet to be agreed by the Committee and significant cuts to library services are still likely to be made elsewhere in Ladywood.

A spokesperson for the Friends of the libraries of Birmingham said ‘The campaign around Spring Hill library shows what can be done when local communities come together to defend the public services they value. Spring Hill Library is a successful and much loved local library.

The Friends of Spring Hill library was a grass roots campaign and by involving local people together with the effective use of the media had a have made life very uncomfortable for their elected representatives. They are to be congratulated’

Friends of the Libraries of Birmingham can be contacted at friendsoflibraryofbirmingham@gmail.com


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