Will you pledge support for Birmingham’s public libraries: Local elections 22nd May


The Library campaign has written to candidates standing in the forthcoming local election for Birmingham Council asking them to pledge support for the Library service in the city. We will publish the responses as we receive them. 


Dear Candidate,

What future for Public libraries in Birmingham?

2014 is the 100th anniversary of the death of Joseph Chamberlain a key champion of the Civic gospel and as Mayor the founder of new local public services in the City of Birmingham.

Free public libraries were established for the first time in the late Victorian period and over time a comprehensive library service has developed across the city. Our libraries remain vital places of knowledge and culture and provide key resources to the city’s different communities.

The Local Government Association has recently warned that the finances of Local Councils are reaching a tipping point with many services facing permanent closure and libraries being particularly vulnerable.

In these circumstances we are asking, that if elected that you give an unequivocal commitment to support Birmingham’s library service.

We are asking you to pledge support for a publicly provided, a comprehensive and professionally run library service in Birmingham.  A library service that is fully funded and resourced.

While Joseph Chamberlain’s municipal legacy is being remembered 100 years later what is to be your legacy if you are elected?

Will you take our pledge?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Lynn Gregory

Chair of the Friends of the Libraries of Birmingham


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