Make National Libraries Day happen in Birmingham! An appeal to get involved


7th February 2015 is National Libraries Day. In Birmingham we want to to organise an event that allows the public to show their support for the LoB and our Community Libraries.

Can you and your group make this event happen through contributing your ideas, skills, input and creativity? There are a great diversity of people using the LoB, as individuals and as members of groups, and who will stand to lose much if the cuts to the Library are agreed.

At the moment there is a bare proposal which is to hold a rally outside the Library of Birmingham on 7th February from 12pm to 2pm, the event will include a hug or hands around the LoB. The event needs to warm, inclusive and exciting!

We are inviting people and groups to an open meeting on Monday 19th January to help contribute toward the planning of the event.

Birmingham City Council will still be meeting to finalise its Budget for 2015-16 which it will announce on the 17th February. A large display of public support on 7th February is important to continue to demonstrate the importance of the LoB and Community Libraries to the people of Birmingham and their opposition to these cuts.

In celebrating our libraries we will continue to demand that Birmingham City Council must: Invest in our city & our futures – REVERSE your proposed cuts to the Library of Birmingham & our Community Libraries.

Friends of the Libraries of Birmingham

The meeting will take place at: 6pm Monday 19th January at Birmingham UNISON Branch Office, 19th Floor, McLaren Building, 46 Priory Queensway, Birmingham B4 7LF.

Google maps link:


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