Make some NOISE Birmingham! Join us to #Rally4LoB


Downloadable leaflet here Rally4LoBprogramme-5

Press release issued by Friends of The Library of Birmingham (FoLoB)

‘Make some noise Birmingham!’ Calls for support for Library of Birmingham

Calls for support for the Library of Birmingham have been made ahead of the Rally for Birmingham’s Public libraries to be held on Saturday 7th February 2015, National Libraries Day.

Vanley Burke, whose photographic archive resides at the LoB said ‘Your library needs you! You won’t value the Library until it’s gone.’

Benjamin Zephaniah has called for Birmingham to make some noise. ‘Make some noise Birmingham. We don’t want our ‘New’ beloved library to suffer death by a thousand cuts.‘

Hundreds of people are expected to gather outside the Library of Birmingham for the Rally to oppose the £1.5m proposed cuts to the new library. The cuts would result in library opening hours being reduced by 40% and over 100 library staff could lose their jobs.

The rally will hear from historian Prof Carl Chinn, photographer Vanley Burke, and crime writer Judith Cutler. Brian Lewis, Birmingham first Poet Laureate and Adrian Blackledge, the city’s current Poet Laureate will perform some poetry and they will be joined by Serena Arthur, Birmingham Young Poet Laureate, 2014-15.

There will be a hug of the library with people linking arms around the library to express their support for the LoB at 1.20pm. At the end of the rally the 6,000 strong petition calling for the library cuts to be reversed will be presented to Cabinet member Cllr Penny Holbrook on the steps of the Birmingham Council House.

The following messages of support for the Library have been received:

Prof Carl Chinn, Professor of Birmingham Community History, University of Birmingham:

Libraries are vital resources to any city that professes to value learning. The facilities and opportunities that they provide freely to all of its citizens should be valued and as an iconic centre of learning, the Library of Birmingham – along with our community libraries – should be open and accessible morning, noon and night.

Consequently I urge the people of Birmingham to support the Friends of the Library of Birmingham and to campaign vigorously against the proposed cuts in staff and opening hours.

Vanley Burke. Photographer and artist.

A world class city needs a world class Library.
Your library needs you.
You won’t value the Library until it’s gone.
A city that close it’s Library close the door on its future.

Judith Cutler, Birmingham based Crime Writer

Libraries are the bookshelves of the mind and soul.


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