What next?

20 4 15_2
A new council will be elected on May 7th. It is important that we send out a loud and clear message to the new council that we are not going away, and that our determination to have a well stocked and properly staffed and library with 73 hours opening time is as powerful as ever.
While strong words are important, the Council has shown that it is not really listening. We’re not going to be just a tiresome bunch of people who should be tolerated, patronised and then ignored, with the hope that we go away. That is totally unacceptable to us. 20 4 15_1
Due to our efforts to inform people, the media coverage of our direct action and the fact that people have come to use the library and found it closed, there is now a much wider layer of people who know about the huge cuts. The awareness and anger have only increased.
20 4 15_6
But what do we do next?
It’s only action that can win the day.
United action, library users, library workers and Birmingham citizens together.
JOIN the Friends of the Library of Birmingham! Make YOUR VOICE and YOUR VIEWS count.
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