Libraries and Library poems

A sestina for the Library of Birmingham, by Tim Scotson.

Tim Scotson

A week ago today I was present at a rally in Birmingham city centre, protesting the council’s decision to cut the funding and support for the cities Central library. I won’t get all the way up on my soapbox here today, but the short version is that having spent £188million building the new library, which opened just two years ago, the council has cut funding to the library leading to dramatic job losses and drastically reduced opening hours. The reduction in opening hours in particular is seen by many -including myself- as a terrible blow to the cities culture and public services. This is, we are repeatedly reminded, the largest library in Europe (though I admit to not being sure by what metric) and yet it is only open past 5pm two days of the week, and not at all on Sundays. It would be frustrating for a local library…

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