10th July 2015 – Economy, Skills and Sustainability Scrutiny and Overview Committee – Birmingham City Council

From the Council’s webcasting service:

Screenshot 2015-07-14 19.59.07

Webcast of the committee. Councillor Penny Holbrook’s presentation relating to the LoB starts at 2h 23min 34sec.

Key points are as follows:

  • Now finished consulting on the new staffing structure and to move onto implementation phase
  • Cuts to the LoB have done BCC considerable reputational damage
  • Streams of work being undertaken to seek reinvestment in the LOB
  • ‘I’ve asked anybody and everybody to invest in the LoB’.
  • Reality is we are not an easy vehicle as a local authority for private financers to invest in.
  • Partnership with British Library will give us a national profile.
  • We are working on a number of models to attract private investment
  • Model of Library building not the library service  relates to function of the building
  • Difficult to name publically as involves private investors, we will be able to say something by the end of the month.
No questions asked about the cuts to the LoB by members of the scrutiny committee
Other points:
  • Forthcoming Super September event major discussion at the Committee. 
Weblink and summary provided by Jolyon Jones.

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