Mini Street Festival Against #Austerity – Birmingham People’s Assembly

Saturday 22nd August, 1-3pm
Outside the Library of Birmingham

@FoLoB_ the Library Campaign will be there!

As will

Peoples Assembly –  Unison    –   Jeremy Corbyn Campaign    –     Republic  –

TTIP Campaign (38 Degrees)     –    CPB   –     Greenpeace     –     Green Party    –     Left Unity –

Benefits for Justice Campaign          –     Bring Back British Rail


Buskers….poets…. banner making….

OPEN INVITATION. We would welcome you to bring along:

An item of food to share so we can have a picnic together
Your friends and workmates
Performance art, poetry, music or photos to share
A campaign stall
Banners, placards or posters
Your ideas for resistance
Information and leaflets about the cuts
Your kids!BhamPeepsAssy


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