Crooked Books ? – by ‘Kurly’ at the 22nd Aug #Austerity Street Festival: @KurlyMc


They use the public purse to build and invest
We are owners but we are treated like unwelcome guests
Mistreated by these pests, in our own home
If their hearts are heavy its because they’re made of stone

They put us into groups
To be locked in separate rooms
And keep us all dividedKurly
So they’re free to consume

Everything we’ve worked for
Everything we have
They us rob as we watch
And behind our backs

Throwing open cupboards
Shifting through the drawers
We’re kept in the dark
And our pleas are ignored

Taking everything of value
Everything we need
Tax it, privatise
Double edged greed

Causing us to bleed#Austerity
As we receive cuts
These Etonite parasites
Never have enough

They mine the underclass
Until the vulnerable are crushed
Then they have the nerve
To try and blame us!

First the public pay, now its private members
The council have sold off our Leisure CentresHandsoff
Take notice, no need for reminding me
Railways, legal aid, healthcare, now the library

A closed book, in the middle of town?
Judge by the cover costing millions of pounds
Now they say they can’t afford any fresh text
We need to read the signs to see what’s coming next…

By Alan (Kurly) McGeachie



Twitter: @KurlyMc


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