#Birmingham #ourlibrariesourfuture

The public meeting to launch campaign to oppose cuts and closures to our Community Library service was held on 18th January 2016 at Birmingham Council House, organised by @FoLoB_

Ten key points raised during the meeting:

1.  book fund – no new books means people stop going to libraries
2.  computers are not a substitute for books. Researchers and others can only get so far with computer searches; eventually you need to refer to a book
3. councillors of all parties should oppose library cuts
4. councillors are not attending our meetings
5. we need to have well organised – and noisy – street campaigns
6. we need to keep a close watch on the erosion of community library services through stealth cuts – non-filling of vacant posts, reductions in hours etc.
7. for many disadvantaged people, school is not enough to help them to escape from deprivation, libraries are essential
8. the loss of archive advice and other research assistance means that some people are being cut off from their history
9. a vigorous fight was needed against councils slashing library services
10. people were urged to go to the national Parliamentary lobby on Tuesday 9 February

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“Be a friend of the @FoLoB_ and learn how to support our libraries.”

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