West Heath Needs its Library!

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 19.58.57
Download the flyer for the protest outside the site of the old West Heath library on April 9th at 11am: West Heath needs its library
A word or two of explanation for non-West Heathens.
The photo on the flyer is the boarded up site of the old library which was demolished a year or so ago – a major eyesore.
The reference to Oddingley Hall has to be made as this struggling community centre could well see its salvation by incorporating a “library” within its four walls. This is understandable and of course it fits in with the “hub” project of BCC, but that is not much good for the people of West Heath. Although their old library was well past its sell-date, it was widely used and liked, and above all accessible.
 Remember, the 1964 Act does make it clear that the provision of the library service must not discriminate in terms of access/provision. There is no bus service past Oddingley, and while some people would appreciate a walk across the park to get to it, or a car drive, that does not fit everyone’s capabilities.
If the “hub” plan goes ahead, and that is certainly the BCC intention, West Heath would have a park and a “hub” right on its border, and that would be just about that.
The money that has been put aside for many years for the new library is to be top sliced to pay a librarian for three years to work in the “hub”, the rest would be used for the adaptation. So after three years, when the money runs out, it would become nonviable anyway, unless you staff it with a “volunteer”.
 West Heath is a deprived area that needs and deserves better.

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