A meeting was held on 7-1-17 regarding the proposal to allocate Stirchley library to tier two, and to propose shunting it into the Stirchley “Baths” next door. About 40 people turned up, (including the Bournville Labour Councillor, but not the Tory ones), and there was the usual mixture of upset, bewilderment, frustration, anger and general opposition to the plans.

The point was made that there was no room in the “baths” and that that a selection of books on mobile trolleys did not constitute a library. Many concerns were expressed about the children’s library, that everyone wanted to save the library, but not at the expense of closures elsewhere. Various ideas were suggested about mutuals and alternative funding, more out of desperation than agreement with such outsourcing scenarios, but no decision was reached.

I reported on the campaigns in Sutton, Aston, Glebe and Springhill etc, and mentioned how there would be a lobby of the Council and questions next Tuesday. Some will also go to the second, and last, consultation over the BCC budget next Friday in the “baths”. An email list was drawn up and a further meeting is planned.

Bob Whitehead

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